From the vineyards
to the finished product

Thibaut Consulting works collaboratively with the owners of family wineries and their winemakers to produce world-class sparkling wines:

  First, on the vineyard side, by selecting the right vineyard site, the best grape varieties, and the proper vineyard practices in order to achieve the ideal juice chemistry and optimal flavor profile.

  On the winery side, by implementing winemaking procedures required to make a well-balanced base wine, with all the attributes needed to become the best possible sparkling wine.

It often means complying with the key steps of the” Méthode Traditionnelle”, a proven method in the production of the best sparkling wines.


Vineyard Site Selection
understand the relationships between the terroir and the wine characteristics.”
Vineyard Design and Establishment
- Vine Spacing
- Grape Variety
- Clone Selection
Viticultural Practices
- Pruning
- Training
- Canopy Management


Harvest Date Determination
Handling and Pressing of the grapes
Fermentation Protocol


Winery design

Thibaut Consulting collaborates with architects and engineers on the design layout of a production facility.


Production Management

Thibaut Consulting develops winemaking procedures to consistently improve wine quality. He can create and implement a Quality Control System which could lead to ISO 9002 Certification.